Uyah Lengis Rice Balls

Uyah Lengis Northern Balinese Rice Balls

This menu was recreated from the menu of the villagers' of the olden days.

Back then, this dish was commonly known in many villages in Bali as Nasi Uyah Lengis - although not commonly shaped into balls.

The Uyah Lengis Rice Balls are simply made of steamed white local Bali rice, seasoned with sea salt and traditional home made coconut oil.

In the preparation for mini-seminar Rural Entrepreneurship 2016 program which will be held in Rumah Intaran on July 18, we made small bite-sized balls so they can be easily eaten in one bite.

The Uyah Lengis Rice Balls will be one of the four kinds of snacks which will accompany the participants while they enjoy their welcoming drinks

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