Coconut Oil

Find out how we produce our coconut oil here.

per bottle @ 500 ml

IDR 50,000

Raw Bee Honey

Raw Bee Honey or Madu Lebah is sweet food made by bees foraging nectar from flowers.

Consume it directly, pour it on fried banana, mix it with juice or any drinks instead of sugar.

The bees that produced our Madu Lebah gather nectar from the mango flowers of the lowlands of North Bali.

It is naturally sweet and has a delicate flower scent.

per jar @ 200 ml

IDR 150,000

Stingless Bee Honey

Also called Madu Klanceng, this type of honey is produced by Trigona (a kind of tiny stingless bees).  
They only produce small amount of honey every year.

Madu Klanceng tastes slightly sour and fresh.
It has a lot of nutrients and also contains many vitamins, minerals and propolis.

The propolis itself is produced from the bees' saliva mixed with their food such as pollen, barks, tree shoots & flowers.

Madu Klanceng can replace sugar in medicinal and food purposes.

per jar @ 150 ml

IDR 250,000

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