Our Business

Pengalaman Rasa means
'the flavor experience' in Bahasa Indonesia.

We bring you not only exciting flavours from North Bali, but also the intriguing experiences
that synthesized them.

We are more than a food business,

we are advocates of mindful consumption.



Ayu Gayatri Kresna

Co-Founder and Head Chef

As a Northern Balinese native, Ayu's cooking training began as a child in her family's kitchen - learning the arts of traditional cooking while honing her senses in refining the taste, texture, and appearance of numerous authentic dishes.

Combining family recipes passed down through generations with lovingly selected high quality local produces, Ayu is passionate about preserving Northern Balinese cuisine and introducing it to the world.  

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Gede Kresna

Co-Founder and Curator

An Architect by profession, Gede designed and built Rumah Intaran - home of Pengalaman Rasa. His brings extensive knowledge of local produces and a keen eye for potential business opportunities to Pengalaman Rasa. He is passionate about diving into the richness of Northern Balinese culture and natural produces to find the best ingredients, products, and experiences.

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Dining with us at Pengalaman Rasa means sharing our humble family home, Rumah Intaran in Bengkala, North Bali
(about 2 hours drive away from Ubud).

Enjoy the shades of decades old Neem trees (or pohon Intaran in Bahasa Indonesia)

and admire up-close traditional wooden houses lovingly salvaged and repurposed based on principles of sustainable architecture

Welcome to Rumah Intaran

Entrance to our dining room

Our indoor dining room

Traditional cookstove produces that signature aroma for our dishes

Wall details using repurposed materials

Experience al fresco dining in our family compound

No soaps here, we use Lerak as all-natural handsoap

Our family home - lovingly salvaged Javanese joglo

Morning sunlight at Rumah Intaran