Our Business

Pengalaman Rasa means
'the flavor experience' in Bahasa Indonesia.

We bring you not only exciting flavours from North Bali, but also the intriguing experiences
that synthesized them.

We are more than a food business,

we are advocates of mindful consumption.

North Bali rice fields by Pengalaman Rasa
North Bali authentic babi guling by Pengalaman Rasa

North Bali Otentik

Dining Experiences

"Otentik" events are celebrations of experiencing the amazing flavors of various signature Northern Balinese dishes prepared using authentic cooking methods based on family recipes made fresh from local herbs and spices curated by Pengalaman Rasa.

Otentik Babi Guling is our signature event, featuring Authentic Babi Guling made from "babi hitam", the Balinese indigenous home-grown black pigs instead of the more commonly found commercially bred pink pigs

You haven't tried the Real Balinese Babi Guling if you haven't tried ours!


Dining Experience

at Pengalaman Rasa

Have a taste of the traditional Northern Balinese dishes at Pengalaman Rasa.
All items on the menu stay true to our philosophy of sustainable raw material sourcing and processing.

The unique ambiance and architecture of our dining space will complete your flavor experience.

Choose one of the three set menus choices for lunch or dinner. Perfect for gatherings of families, friends, and colleagues.

North Bali authentic dining lunch dinner by Pengalaman Rasa
North Bali cooking class by Pengalaman Rasa

North Bali Specialty

Cooking Experience

Here at Pengalaman Rasa, cooking is healing.

Just like meditation, just like yoga,
just like mindfully doing the things we love.
It's not only good for the tummy, it's good for the soul.

Our specialty cooking classes are designed for those of you looking to enrich your cooking experience by learning how to cook authentic Northern Balinese dishes using traditional kitchen tools and utensils.


North Bali

Natural Products

North Bali's pure natural environment hides a treasure of high quality natural products.

We carefully curates and selects them from local farmers applying sustainable practices and bring them to your kitchen.

North Bali Natural Product raw bee honey by Pengalaman Rasa
North Bali traditional food collaborations by Pengalaman Rasa Patty Elliott

Food Laboratory

We open our kitchen to fellow authentic traditional cuisine enthusiasts from all over the world.

So far, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with :​

  • Chef Petty Elliott - Nihiwatu

  • Chef Charles Toto - The Papua Jungle Chef

  • Chef Jero Yudhi - Dapoer Bali Mula


Rules & Policies

No Plastic Allowed

We bring our own baskets made from natural fibers when we shop, so we do not bring home plastic bags from the market.

All food and beverages are served in environmentally friendly packages such as glass, banana leaves, etc.


Authentic Northern Balinese Cuisine do not need MSG or other flavor enhancers.

The carefully curated local herbs and spices create a flavor impact like no other.

No Processed Food

Everything is made from scratch here at Pengalaman Rasa.

We believe fresh is best, and your body will thank you for it!

No Artificial Food Coloring

Who needs artificial food coloring when the best natural ingredients are available in our own backyard?

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No Artificial Sweetener

You will only taste natural sweetness here at Pengalaman Rasa.

The Balinese palm sugar we use on our dishes can never be replaced by any artificial sweeteners.

No Palm Oil

We only use coconut oil throughout our cooking process.

Not only for health reasons, but also because we refuse to take part in what the palm oil industry is doing to our rainforests here in Indonesia

Home-grown Chillies

No pesticides here - we only use natural pesticide from the leaves of the Neem (Intaran) trees growing lushly on our backyard.

No Detergent

We use hardwood ashes from our traditional wood stoves and lerak (Sapindus rarak) as natural detergent in our kitchen.

They also serve as soaps to wash your hands too!

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